PROMIS is a consultancy company that is recognized for its expertise within management and strategy consultancy related to IT projects.

PROMIS is a independent consulting company, based in Norway. The company was established in 1997 and joined the Itera Consulting Group in 2000. Since july 2010 the Company has been privately held by employees. PROMIS delivers consultancy services related to acquisition processes and quality assurance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) projects.


PROMIS’ vision is to reduce our customers’ risks and assure security related to successful acquisition and implementation processes. We are a leading company within ICT acquisition processes and quality assurance of ICT projects in Norway. Our consultants are hired by enterprises in both private and public sector that are facing strategic IT investments or deliveries that requires controlled implementation.


PROMIS has developed methods and guidelines for project processes and IT acquisitions that our consultants use themselves when working for clients.


PROMIS highly prioritizes professional development of our services. We continuously refine the methods developed within our service areas. We have been responsible for developing the PS2000 contract standard, that has become a business standard within iterative system development. We have also developed contract standards for software maintenance and operations.


PROMIS delivers consultancy services within the following areas:

Project management and strategic advising

Acquisition processes for IT solutions, including preparation of inquiries and contracts, negotiation management and project establishment.

Quality assurance related to developing and implementing IT solutions


PROMIS organizes courses in ICT project management and project work. We also give lectures at master level (5 credits). The course is developed in cooperation with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and BI (Institute of Business Administration), and is organised by DND (The Norwegian Computer Society).



P.O. Box 438
NO-1327 Lysaker

Telephone: +47 23 00 76 00
Telefax:     +47 23 00 76 01

Contacts in PROMIS:

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PROMIS er et av Norges mest fremtredende fagmiljøer innen IKT- prosjektledelse, IKT- anskaffelser og kvalitetssikring.

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PROMIS og Metier tilbyr en internasjonal sertifisering innen smidig prosjektstyring.

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PROMIS har vært sentrale i utviklingen av PS2000- kontraktsstandarden. Standarden er også ledende innen smidig utvikling med egen versjon for dette formålet - PS2000 smidig.

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